Martin Cohen

Philadelphia, PA


Working with organizations who are actively interested in addressing the need for change.

Training / Education

I’ve spent nearly 30 years in the arts management field in a wide variety of organizations from small modern dance ensembles to large ballet companies; as executive director of a national service organization; and as a grant-maker focused on organizational capacity, leadership development and legacy planning.


I began my professional training as a musician though came to realize my talents were best utilized behind the curtain and off-stage. While I still dabble in music, I channel my creative energies into solving organizational challenges and working with others to achieve their best.


Currently I am a member of the Board of Beth Sholom Synagogue in Elkins Park, PA – the only synagogue building to have been designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I am also serving on the boards of Jewish Learning Venture and PAPAYA (PA Performing Arts for Young Audiences).

Wishful Thinking

Performing in a big band and touring the world!


Taking dance class in college – music was a much better fit.


Listening to a variety of views and opinions and helping others stay on track, focused on the issues and not wandering off on the tangents that are so tempting. Mediation and facilitation has come in handy and has played well to my strengths and core instincts. Also enjoy assisting individual leaders navigate decision-making when the path is not always clear.