Mark Anderson

Los Angeles, CA


In recent years, my focus has been strategic planning. Planning increasingly comes from the need to make significant change or innovation, and I am interested in success coming from a balance of mission and the market.

Training / Education

I am a scientist by training: Colorado State University BS in physical sciences and MIT SM in Nutritional Biochemistry. My academic background gives me both a research orientation and a comfort with quantitative thinking, but I understand the value of the qualitative aspects of planning for arts and culture.


I often provide a fresh take on ways to approach a project. I am interested in design in all forms.


I was most recently Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Washington Place Foundation in Honolulu, the home of the last Monarch of Hawai‘i, Queen Lili‘uokalani. It was the governor of Hawai‘i’s residence until the early 2000s when a new governor’s home was built, allowing this historic property to be opened to the public. Washington Place is in one sense a way to reconnect both residents and visitors with Native Hawaiian history, heritage and culture.

Wishful Thinking

Although I don’t see myself as an architect or urban planner, I wish I would have studied it.


I missed a lot of the popular culture that influenced my generation because I grew up on a remote ranch in the Rocky Mountains where there was no television, little radio and few telephones.


In addition to my professional skills, I bring self-awareness and sensitivity to my work.