The Cultural Planning Group was formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, combining the consulting practices of the founders. The firm now has five partners, based in California, Philadelphia and Hawai’i. Our focus has expanded to include the largest cultural planning practice in the US. Our partners include some of the country’s foremost practitioners in organizational capacity building and public art. We often collaborate with colleague consultants and firms, and we have close, ongoing relationships with strategic partners that expand our own capacities.

Our Collaborators

We have several ongoing collaborative partners that broaden the range of our expertise.

Dial Associates

Cultural Facilities Planning and Assessment
David Dial brings exceptional experience to projects involving cultural facilities. He has managed, built, opened and renovated facilities that include a range of museums, and performing and visual arts centers throughout the U.S. As an arts manager, he has also re-directed these organizations and led them in adapting to change.

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Jack Mackie

Public Art Planning
Jack Mackie is both a nationally recognized public artist and a seasoned planner. He improves public art planning through his collaborative experience with diverse stakeholders: artists, administrators, policy-makers and the real estate community.

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Mt. Auburn Associates

Creative Economy Research and Planning
Mt. Auburn and its president, Beth Siegel, are the nation’s leading firm for creative economy work. Beth pioneered the field with the first creative economy plan for the New England Region in the 1990s and has led development of regional and statewide plans for economic development that leverages the creative sector throughout the US. She has also developed many of the field’s critical definitions, concepts, methods and strategies.

Surale Phillips

Arts Market Research
Surale is one of the nation’s preeminent arts market research experts. She has exceptional expertise in assisting arts organizations of all disciplines to understand and increase audiences and membership. She also works with whole communities (and cohorts of organizations) to build attendance and participation.

Hope Tschopik Schneider

Strategic and Business Planning
Hope is a co-founder of The Cultural Planning Group who now works as a frequent partner in selected strategic planning projects. She is especially focused on organizations facing junctures that require strategic reevaluation and organizations addressing major new ventures.

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